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Vice Nightclub Honolulu May 12, 2012

Hey just got back from Vice about 20 minutes ago. Was awesome. They had some promotion for free goose and patron up until 10:30. Sadly, we got there at 10:33. As usual it was pretty empty and as the night went on, it filled up pretty quick. A few of my friends that did go, … Continue reading

Spin Music Festival – May 19, 2012 Honolulu, HI

Hey guys, Spin Music Festival is coming up. I was on the fence about attending, but I heard from Hawaii’s only 24/7 EDM Radio Station My95.9, that it was going to be good. PLUS, it turns out if you listen, and you are the first person to text them your name and city you are … Continue reading

Vice Nightclub Honolulu – May 12, 2012 Graduation!

Hey, looks like Vice is having a new event for all your graduating party people! May 12, 2012 Saturday. Lets see how this week goes finals..grades etc. Maybe I could use a drink to unwind…or two..or three. Then just call ahead for the guest list, check with how many of my friends are planning on … Continue reading