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Vice Nightclub – Honolulu

Hey, you know how it is, new nightclub and all. Last night (March 31, 2012), Me and my girl went to the grand opening of Vice Nightclub at the old Paparazzi club in Ward Center. I gotta say that this place was pretty amazing. Drinks were fairly cheap, music was loud, and the guest DJ Alex Dreamz played some sick beats. He’s the official resident DJ at XS nightclub inside the Encore Hotel at the Wynn Resort in Las Vegas, so we were fortunate enough to have him down in Hawaii.

It was a tossup last night, since two big events were happening the same day and nearly the same time. The Waterpark had their annual/quarterly etc wonderland event, with Digital Wonderland. My friends said that it was awesome, but the tickets were a bit pricey. Being on a budget, it was either that or get on the guest list for Vice, and obviously we know which one I picked 🙂

Good choice indeed, I saw a bunch of my old high school and college friends, had a few drinks with them, and went home feeling good. but until next time, that is how we roll!

One more thing, nobody has commented yet, but about 90% of all the DJ’s that I see at the club are using beats and probably close to 100% of them use Macbooks, and I seriously have no idea how good they are. Plus I see little kids rocking them, and those fashionistas  just wearing it over their neck like it’s going out of style. Someone please tell me if they are any good.

See what I mean! 



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