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For all people who are into underground Hiphop/RnB/Rap

This is to my friend Joshua, aka Josh, JNiCE, I known him for about four or five years. As far as I remember he was always into music. Sending me his mixes, and talking a lot about how the industry works. Once I had a school project to translate how I feel into a song. My original idea was to just get clips of various songs and break it down into words and reassemble it back together to tell a story.

By some lucky chance, Josh was online and I told him my project and asked if he could make me a mix with a list of songs, and he was able to make something within a couple hours and send it back. Needless to say, with his good mixing skills, I was able to get an ‘A’ on that paper and in that class.

Here he is, JNiCE all the way from Morgantown, West Virginia




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