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EDM in mainstream media

So I heard EDM is the new thing these days. I just read on CNN…CNN mind you…that electronic dance music is the new cool thing to do. Hey I been a fan of techno/trance/house music for awhile, not one of those fanboy-bandwagon-awhile-is-a-few-months awhile, but probably for a good 12 years. I think I had my first taste of electronic music when Aqua made their Aquarium album, back in the good days of cassette decks. For those youngins, THIS was cool back in the day.

I would have to say that my favorite electronic artist of all time would have to be Tiesto. Back in college, my friend was also into EDM music and I would often get his mixes. I told myself, one day if I’m ever in the area during fall or spring break I would see his concert. Sadly during those breaks he was always playing in Europe or a place out of my price range. I HOPE one day he comes to Hawaii and I would definitely pay to see that!

But for now, here’s that article that will make fanboys cringe at the ever increasing popularity. Hell I remember looking out my window 10 years ago at the ‘ravers’ with the glow sticks and photon lights. Do they still even sell Photon lights in the store anymore?
CNN & EDM, what, what?



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