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New mix from Josh (JNiCE) I’m Better Then U

Josh has come a long way since his initial beats. I’m trying to share his music wherever and whenever I can. I’m going to try and find some of his older stuff and post that up, or if you really want to hear the difference and comment/compliment/critique his work, drop him a line. You can … Continue reading

Vice Nightclub Honolulu – Round 2!

Hey, looks like Vice is keeping the energy up! Yet another DJ from VEGAS is coming down to Hawaii to play again! We shall see how this week goes, perhaps call ahead for the guest list, check with how many of my friends are planning on attending, etc. Also to check to see if my … Continue reading

EDM in mainstream media

So I heard EDM is the new thing these days. I just read on CNN…CNN mind you…that electronic dance music is the new cool thing to do. Hey I been a fan of techno/trance/house music for awhile, not one of those fanboy-bandwagon-awhile-is-a-few-months awhile, but probably for a good 12 years. I think I had my … Continue reading

Vice Nightclub – Honolulu

Hey, you know how it is, new nightclub and all. Last night (March 31, 2012), Me and my girl went to the grand opening of Vice Nightclub at the old Paparazzi club in Ward Center. I gotta say that this place was pretty amazing. Drinks were fairly cheap, music was loud, and the guest DJ … Continue reading

For all people who are into underground Hiphop/RnB/Rap

This is to my friend Joshua, aka Josh, JNiCE, I known him for about four or five years. As far as I remember he was always into music. Sending me his mixes, and talking a lot about how the industry works. Once I had a school project to translate how I feel into a song. … Continue reading

Looking for good headsets

My brother’s birthday is coming up soon, and I have no idea if this thing is good. If anyone has a good experience (or bad), let me know Beats by DreĀ