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GVO MLM is it a scam?

I was just informed of a new typical MLM, aka “pyramid scheme” via a website I often frequent. What’s weird in the world of MLMs is that they always have some moniker or some ABC or random acronym of what the company’s real name is. This one happens to be GVO. I honestly have no idea what a GVO is, and that I really could care what it could do for me, however, the goon who posted claims that it can do all of the following.

Web Host Manager
An AUTORESPONDER with Uploading & Broadcasting Capability
A Blogger Builder
all of this for a mere dollar. Supposedly the money from your upline (the guy you sign up under) trickles down to you (the downline). So the money you make (you being the new upline) trickles down to you victims *cough* I mean downline so on and so forth. Seems easy, seems too good to be true, which I assume it probably is. Don’t get me wrong, I been hit up by those MLM, get rich quick things in the past, and frankly I feel that there are OTHER ways to make money…like get a REAL job, or just make it big in vegas on the mega bucks or perhaps win the lottery. One of my real life friends who been in this other “Network Marketing” business swears by it. IIRC it’s called ACN. I been to a couple presentations here and there, seen what it supposedly can do, and hey, it’s not for me. But like a GOOD FRIEND who hopes won’t be forgotten in the future, I’m going to give a shameless plug out to you good buddy. Oh did i mention it was endorsed by
Donald Trump? Yup that’s all I’m going to do for you, and until you make it big, I’ll try and tolerate your shenanigans. (Where’s my filet mignon).

But enough of that nonsense, I looked into GVO, and pretty much the top pages that come up are other pages that seem to have little or no idea what it is exactly people are getting themselves into. Sure it’s a buck to join, and what is there to lose besides a buck, but unless you happen to die or go on a trip to some nether region that lacks internet or a signal, you best not forget to cancel within that 30 days no-questions-asked money back guarantee period or you are going to get a nasty surprise back on your credit card bill

Who knows, maybe one day you can be a top dog, or the top of the “pyramid“, you may or may not have the time, but if perhaps you can get your friend, who has all the time in the world, maybe he wants to find an alternative to make money, sign up and get him/her to sign up under you and let him work. I figure if say you ask four people, maybe one of those people might say yes, the other three are going to laugh at you. I just wish you the best, and good luck

Oh yeah, and if this chart doesn’t scare you away, I honestly have no idea what will



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